Press Hang
Press Hang
Advanced Difficulty
Isometric Exercise
Muscles Involved
Human musclesObliquesSerratusBicepsSpinal ErectorsLatsDeltoidsRotator Cuff
Secondary Muscles
Spinal Erectors
Rotator Cuff
Exercise Performance
4 steps of the the basic press hold:\r\n1. Initial distancing is important. Remember, at least one of your arms is locked during the press flag, so if you approach your base much closer than arm’s length, you’ll have to push your body- weight out. Don’t make it so tough, man. Stand about three-quarters of arm’s length away.\r\n2. With your left arm, reach down and grip the base at a point about level with your hip/upper thigh. Your palm heel should point up, with your index finger pointing down. Lock your arm straight.\r\n3. Now stretch up and grip the pole with your right hand, at a point somewhere above your head. Your thumb should be below your palm, and you can use either a thumbless grip, or wrap your thumb around the pole; whatever feels most natural (this will depend upon the nature of the base).\r\n4. Now your hand position is fixed, it’s time to turn fully side-on to the pole. You can also shift your feet if you need to. Your top arm doesn’t need to be fully straight yet but you should start pulling hard with that arm, and pushing through the other, to generate tension.\r\n\r\nApproach your vertical base, and get into the basic press hold. Brace your upper body by pulling with your higher arm, and pressing with your lower arm. For this step, your pulling arm should be braced. Once you feel you've generated enough tension, hop your legs slightly out to the side and try to hold your feet clear of the floor. You can bend your knees a little if it helps. Let your lower body hang down. Hold the position, breathing normally.
Master - 1x10 Second
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