Advanced Tuck Planche
Advanced Tuck Planche
Advanced Difficulty
Isometric Exercise
Muscles Involved
Human musclesSerratusFront DeltoidsRear DeltoidsTricepsPecsTrapsLatsFinger Flexors
Primary Muscles
Front Deltoids
Rear Deltoids
Secondary Muscles
Finger Flexors
Exercise Performance
Kneel down and put your hands into position in front of you at shoulder width. Lean into the planche with protracted scapula until you can lift your knees and feet up from the ground. When holding the Advanced Tuck Plance, your upper body and lower leg will be parallel with the ground, and your upper leg perpendicular to them
Beginner - 1x5 Second
Intermediate - 2x10 Second
Master - 1x45 Second
Exercise Video

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