Angled BridgeAngled Bridge
Angled Bridge
Beginner Difficulty
Dynamic Exercise
Muscles Involved
Human musclesSpinal ErectorsHamstringsGlutesTrapsRhomboidsTriceps
Primary Muscles
Spinal Erectors
Secondary Muscles
Other Muscles
Exercise Performance
Angled bridges require an object which is about knee height or a little higher. Sit on the edge of the object, and lie back with your feet flat on the ground. They should be approximately shoulder width apart. Shuffle forwards a little so that your hips are off the object, and place your hands either side of your head, with your fingers pointing towards your feet. Press down through the hands, straightening the elbows and pushing the hips up, arching your back as you do so. Continue smoothly pushing as far as you can, at least until your head and body are entirely clear of the object. The arms don't need to be fully extended; the elbows will be bent. You may only lift up a few inches. That's fine. Allow your head to tilt back under control, so that you can see the wall behind you. Reverse the motion, lowering yourself until your torso and head are resting completely on the object again. Repeat as necessary, breathing normally.
Beginner - 1x8 Rep
Intermediate - 2x15 Rep
Master - 3x30 Rep
Exercise Video

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