Half SquatHalf Squat
Half Squat
Intermediate Difficulty
Dynamic Exercise
Muscles Involved
Human musclesGlutesQuadricepsHamstringsCalvesShins
Primary Muscles
Exercise Performance
Stand with the feet shoulder width apart, or slightly wider. Allow your toes to point very slightly outwards. Place your hands in a comfortable position - on your hips, chest or shoulders. Now bend at the hips and knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Pause in mid-air at the bottom position for a one count before returning to the start position under full muscular control. Keep the back straight throughout the motion, and keep your heels flat on the floor. Your knees should always point in the same direction as your feet.
Beginner - 1x8 Rep
Intermediate - 2x35 Rep
Master - 2x50 Rep
Exercise Video

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