Hanging Straight Leg RaiseHanging Straight Leg Raise
Hanging Straight Leg Raise
Advanced Difficulty
Dynamic Exercise
Muscles Involved
Human musclesAbsSerratusObliquesQuadricepsFinger FlexorsLats
Primary Muscles
Secondary Muscles
Finger Flexors
Exercise Performance
Take hold of an overhead bar which is high enough to leave your feet a short distance from the floor when your body is extended. Your hands should be approximately shoulder width apart. Ensure that the shoulders are tight. Smoothly-over the course of at least two seconds - raise your legs until they are parallel with the floor. Exhale as your legs rise, blowing all the air you can out of your lungs so that the abdomen is fully contracted. Pause, before reversing the motion perfectly for at least another two seconds until you are back in the start position. Inhale as you go. Remain flexed, even in the start position. Your legs must stay locked at all times and you must use pure muscular control; no momentum allowed.
Beginner - 1x5 Rep
Intermediate - 2x10 Rep
Master - 2x30 Rep
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