Kneeling Push-UpKneeling Push-Up
Kneeling Push-Up
Beginner Difficulty
Dynamic Exercise
Muscles Involved
Human musclesPecsFront DeltoidsTricepsBiceps
Primary Muscles
Secondary Muscles
Front Deltoids
Other Muscles
Exercise Performance
Kneel on the floor with your feet together, and your palms flat on the ground in front of you. The arms should be straight, shoulder width apart, and in line with your chest. Link one ankle around the other, and keep the hips straight and in alignment with the trunk and head. Using the knees as a pivot, bend at the shoulders and elbows until your chest is one fist's width from the floor. Pause and press back to the start position, then repeat.
Beginner - 1x10 Rep
Intermediate - 2x15 Rep
Master - 3x30 Rep
Exercise Video

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