Leaning Plank
Leaning Plank
Intermediate Difficulty
Isometric Exercise
Muscles Involved
Human musclesSerratusFront DeltoidsTricepsPecsTrapsLats
Secondary Muscles
Front Deltoids
Exercise Performance
Leaning Plank is a bridge between the plank and planche movements, giving you the required strength and skill to move further in the progression towards the straddle planche. When performing this exercise start with a straight arm plank position but extend your feet so you are resting on the top of your feet. Lock out your arms and rotate your elbows out, so your elbow pits are facing forward. Spread your shoulderblades apart accross your back and push your shoulders down, away from your ears. Start to push yourself in a leaning position with your shoulders in front of your hands, while holding your body in a straight line. You can do this exercise together with Crow Stand. This will increase your strength, while Crow Stand will help you improve your balance for the steps to come.
Beginner - 1x10 Second
Master - 1x60 Second
Exercise Video

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