Tuck Planche
Tuck Planche
Intermediate Difficulty
Isometric Exercise
Muscles Involved
Human musclesSerratusFront DeltoidsRear DeltoidsTricepsPecsTrapsLatsFinger Flexors
Primary Muscles
Front Deltoids
Rear Deltoids
Secondary Muscles
Finger Flexors
Exercise Performance
This is the first progression where you will balance your whole bodyweight with your upper-body muscles. To make it easier you will tuck in your feet close tou your chest to make the leverage of your weight relatively small. Squat down and place your hands on the ground in shoulder with in front of you. Your fingers should face forward or may be twisted outwards by 45 degrees. Your elbow pits facing forward and your arms locked straight. Your scapula protracted (the shoulderblades spread apart on your back and your shoulder pressed down and away from your ears). Start leaning forward to the point where your feet raises from the ground. Hold this position.
Beginner - 2x5 Second
Intermediate - 3x10 Second
Master - 1x60 Second
Exercise Video

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