Assisted Pull-UpAssisted Pull-Up
Assisted Pull-Up
Advanced Difficulty
Dynamic Exercise
Muscles Involved
Human musclesLatsBicepsRear DeltoidsRhomboidsTrapsPecs MinorTeresFinger Flexors
Primary Muscles
Rear Deltoids
Secondary Muscles
Pecs Minor
Finger Flexors
Exercise Performance
Throw a towel over a horizontal bar. Jump up and grasp the bar with your strongest grip so that the hanging towel is towards the inside of your hand. With your opposite hand, grab the towel as low as possible-around eye level is about right. Bend the knees with the ankles looped behind the body. Keep the shoulders braced, and retain a slight bend in the arm which is holding the bar. Now begin to pull yourself up. For the first half of the movement-until the elbow of the arm holding the bar is bent at a right angle- assist yourself by pulling on the towel. Halfway up-when the elbow of the arm holding the bar is bent at a right-angle-release the towel, and continue pulling yourself up with just one arm until your chin is over the bar. Pause, before lowering yourself down using the power of your lone arm. When you reach the lowest position, grip the towel once again. Pause and repeat.
Beginner - 1x3 Rep
Intermediate - 2x5 Rep
Master - 2x7 Rep

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