Half One-Arm Pull-UpHalf One-Arm Pull-Up
Half One-Arm Pull-Up
Advanced Difficulty
Dynamic Exercise
Muscles Involved
Human musclesLatsBicepsRear DeltoidsRhomboidsTrapsPecs MinorTeresFinger Flexors
Primary Muscles
Rear Deltoids
Secondary Muscles
Pecs Minor
Finger Flexors
Exercise Performance
Grab an overhead bar with one hand, using your strongest gripping position. Place your other arm anywhere that seems comfortable. Set yourself (by jumping, kipping, using a chair, etc.) so that your lifting arm is bent halfway. The elbow should be at a right angle, with your upper arm parallel to the ground. Your feet should be clear of the floor and looped behind you as for previous steps. The shoulder of your lifting arm should be tightly braced, and your whole body flexed. Bend at the elbow and shoulder and smoothly pull your body up until your chin is over the height of the bar. Pause at the top, before slowly lowering yourself back down to the start position.
Beginner - 1x4 Rep
Intermediate - 2x6 Rep
Master - 2x8 Rep

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